Comics – art or not?

I really like comics. I have even a dream to be a comics’ drawer. For me it is the perfect connection: you can create some adventurous stories and still be the graphic artist.

But there is a kind of problem. Many artists thinks the comics is not a REAL art. It is something like many people believes that fantasy isn’t real literature. It is something like “fantasy and comics are only for kids and you are an adult. Why do you want to take care of it?” and in my opinion it is… a bullshit.

Comics are not only one book. There is a lot of stories. Part of it is really bad, I agree. I mean: part of all comics from whole world is ugly drew, the story is boring and it have no worth. But it is only a PART. You can find also a very good comics with beautiful drawings, splendid story and smart message about relationship, ecology, sociology, equality and others.

I believe so much there is a lot of very worthful comics. I was reading it. And I am sure I will read even greater stories with excellent drawings. And I also believe this kind of comics deserve for the name “Art”.

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