Why do I adore the arts of Edward Gorey?

Do you like Tim Burton’s movies? I like them very much. I love them for dark aesthetic and mysterious mood. Especially I appreciate animations – “Nightmare About Christmas”, “Corpse Bride” or “Vincent” (a story about a boy who want to be like Vincent Price – I love it!) – which were produced by stop motion method with using the models. These movies are very unusual and characteristic for Tim Burton. You look at them – and you know who made them. His style is very specific, a little dark and creepy; his models usually have a big eyes and pale faces.

OK, but in title I announced Edward Gorey, not Tim Burton, so what happens here? It is easy: without Edward Gorey there is no Tim Burton. Edward Gorey, a great American painter and also writer, was a big inspiration in Tim Burton’s live. Don’t you believe me? Look at works of Gorey and then look at Tim Burton’s movies. Do you see this? The same big eyes, the same pale faces, the same dark and creepy mood.

And that’s way I really adore creations of Edward Gorey. His works have absolutely amazing mood. At the first sight: it seems usual scene, children goes on walk. But if look closer you can see something disturbing; something what causes creeps. And that is the strongest point of these masterpieces.

And what do you think? Do you like these arts? Maybe did you read books by Edward Gorey and would like to tell about it? It would be very nice of you!

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